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Mindful Eating Program

It's time to UN-diet and repair + recalibrate your relationship with food!

Program Participants Will Receive: 

  • Full access to 4 hours of mindful  videos (3-5 minutes/day)
  • Jennifer's Pilars of Success: 7 Mindful Eating Tips & Tricks Guide
  • Jennifer's Booklet: 10 Common Questions on Mindful Eating
  • Practice 15 foundational mindful skills
  • Connect to {IBW} to end food + body obsession
  • Weekly mindful eating exercises & journal handouts 
  • Exclusive notifications about future guided Mindful Eating Programs & any special discount for past participants!

I've facilitated this journey with thousands like you, I want to help YOU make peace with food and your body, tap into that Intelligent Belly Wisdom™ {IBW} and honor your Unique Food Code™ {UFC} so you can free up the mental space that diets occupy and bring more joy into your life!

Especially when it comes to food - ZERO GUILT!

Start to understand why you do what you do with food, without judgment or shame or guilt, and dial into your (IBW} and start to crack your {UFC} - your body’s true needs.

If I could have a do-over, I would have gone the mindful + intuitive route so much sooner! If you feel like this feels aligned with your goals and it sounds right for you, don’t waste anymore time. You’ll be thankful you started on your mindful journey!

If you struggle to finish online programs, consider adding in a virtual 20-minute Mindful Check In appointment with Jennifer for that extra level of accountability (you can add more later to stay on track for success) OR purchase a Four pack for weekly support.

Regardless, the Nutrition Atlanta team is already making a place in our Mindful Hall of Fame with YOUR name on it!  

Welcome to the {MIT} and we'll see ya in the Program!  


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Mindful Success Story:

The mindful eating skills I learned in the Mindful Eating Program the first time I did it in 2018 is now part of my daily life. I continue to learn more about myself and health as I accept myself gradually. I understand myself better, love myself, and my body more. I acknowledge what is happening in my mind and body (hello Intelligent Belly Wisdom). I try new things, award my successes, and use my fails to grow. I am going to use the mindful eating tools learned in this life-changing challenge forever. It has been the best psychological breakthrough ever with my relationship with food and my body, but it is a long term process, especially for those with many years of disordered eating and body image struggles.


Learning to be mindful and pay attention to my personal food cues during this Mindful Protram has made me care about what I put in my body. Before it was all about ease and taste. Now it's about listening to what my body really wants and NEEDS. I actually dropped 7 pounds in 2 weeks (Jennifer stresses NOT to use this as a weight loss program, this is a bonus side effect of tuning into her concepts of the Intelligent Belly Wisdom™ and cracking my Unique Food Code™). I've just been thinking about how I eat a lot and have practiced and integrated every mindful eating skill. It's been a total food GAME CHANGER for me so I bought one for my mom as a Christmas gift since she heard about the positive changes with my eating behaviors. After doing the program, now she wants to buy one as a gift for my dad too!


After eating yet another entire pizza solo throughout an evening early in the year, I finally started to realize I was always eating seconds and thirds, finishing bottles of wine in a few days and this was not normal. It was so difficult to admit to myself let alone admit to others that I binge eat, regardless how normal it may be. I was mostly eating well, eating adventurously, tons of fruits and veggies, and meal prepping but falling back into those habits of dictating what I could and couldn’t eat. I realized to be truly self-disciplined my body had to be the one to dictate my hunger instead of my brain trying to control my hunger. I still have a long long way to go in mindful eating practices but this Mindful Eating Program has been so useful and eye opening. I’m pretty sure I used to not chew my food. The fact that I can have anything I want is liberating! Not anything I want as long as I don’t exceed certain calories (diet belief) but anything I want as long as I listen to my body (intuitive eating). My mind still has a tendency to try to take over the rest of my body dictating what I want. I am so thankful for you Jennifer and this online program you’ve created. This Program is truly counter-culture and goes against my type-A nature of wanting to lean on science and control everything via my brain. This is sustainable, I can feel it. I watch so much less television (another goal in my self-discipline journey), I enjoy my meals that I spend days/hours planning and prepping, and I’m becoming less scared to have things like pizza and ice cream hanging out in my house. This is a big positive shift!


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! For the first time in my adult life, I am feeling there is hope for me to overcome my unhealthy relationship with food. I think I will need to repeat this Mindful Eating Program throughout the year to finally overcome my disordered eating patterns and feel happy and spiritually free around food.


The best gift I've given myself is Jennifer's Mindful Eating Program because I finally, finally have a sense of peace around food. I can have tempting treats in my house without them calling my name. What a miracle! I didn't think this could be possible after struggling on/off diets for forty years (ever since I was eight). It's hard for me to realize that was my life for so long but I'm happy to feel like I'm getting on the other side of the food struggle now. I wasn't really sure what mindfulness was and didn't think I was born with "intuitive wisdom". But the mindful eating skills started to help me pinpoint habits that I created from the anxiety and emotional triggers that plagued me. I've learn so much about myself and food during this Program!


I lost my "intuitive eating voice" for about 2 years. I saw food as my enemy and meal times as the biggest stressor in my life. That is no longer the case. Jennifer's Mindful Eating Program is the most real and best thing you can do for your body. I'm only 10 days in and my intuitive voice is back. I feel like I'm seeing everything in a different light and it's really incredible. Almost like romanticizing your life but through body intelligence. I truly can't put into words how much this has changed my life so far. I used to be afraid to eat or not eat certain foods, for example, Fettuccine Alfredo, because of how heavy they were. Now, I can do that mindfully and in the best way possible (I know how to eat Fettuccine Alfredo now)! I quite literally dance in my seat when I take a bite of food and use Jennifer's techniques. Literally. And most importantly, I feel so satisfied and happy after every meal. This program doesn't only apply to eating or food, but to yourself. It'll teach you how to slow down. How to truly listen to your body and not what society is telling you. And as I'm slowly trying to learn through this program, what it means to truly love yourself. And that doesn't mean feeling pretty everyday or ready to always tackle everything head on, but as Jennifer says, sometimes it's just placing your hands on your stomach, closing your eyes, and thanking every organ for keeping you going through this whirlwind of life. Take care of your body by doing this program. You won't regret it and your life will be made so much better and, of course, more mindful!


Just imagine what your testimony will say and how it will inspire others to repair their relationship with food. Don't wait let's get started TODAY!