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Nutrition Atlanta has created this service as a way for you to increase your intake of nutritionally-dense foods.  

We are not responsible for any health effects of the foods you or your family eats that might be a side effect of improper storage, temperature, or quality of the food.  

We will provide food education and safety techniques but working with raw foods can have health risks for people with a compromised immune system.

Please make sure that food is served stored properly.

If you have to reschedule this Kitchen Prep Day please give 24-48 hours notice so that someone else can utilize your time space.  No refunds are provided for cancelling or rescheduling within 24 hours unless for emergencies.


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Virtual Kitchen Prep

You + me + kitchen = PLAYTIME WITH PLANTS!

It's no secret that adding more nutrient-dense, fiber-rich, vibrant plants and whole foods into your body can help the majority of people decrease the risk for most diseases on the planet.  The bonus is that eating more veggies and fruit can also help you achieve an optimal level of health and wellbeing.  

If you dread getting in the kitchen or struggle with making food, want to add more plants and whole foods into your daily routine but don't know where to begin, lemme help out.

My journey to healing my GI issues and up-leveling my health involved educating my taste buds and palate to the vast array of natural foods to reach a level of health I never learned about in school.


What you'll get:

  • 15 minute virtual/phone chat about personal/family food preferences (including food allergies or intolerance like dairy-, egg-, gluten-, nut-, soy-, & wheat-free)
  • discuss menu items for kitchen prep playtime
  • receive shopping list to purchase ingredients ahead of time 
  • 90-minute virtual appointment where we have FUN in the kitchen!
  • delicious, easy to prepare plant-focused recipes for you to enjoy  and add to your weekly routine

What People Are Saying:

I started out super motivated to start some of Jennifer’s plant-based recipes, but when I started to make my menu, I realized a sense of dread would come over me. When I explored this feeling, I realized I am not used to spending real time preparing vegetables. Sure, I will spend 30-90 minutes prepping an entree, but vegetables are another story. Preparing vegetables, to me, was throwing a bag of green beans in the microwave, and maybe placing them in a bowl, some days maybe not… The negative feelings around plant based recipes made me realize I needed some plant literacy, and I am so glad I scheduled a 90-minute kitchen prep session with Jennifer! It was a joy because 1) she is joy and 2) I became much more comfortable with vegetables. Now the idea of new unknown vegetables and fruits feels like an exploration. And I can already tell this reframe is going to be life changing! I was surprised to find the recipes much simpler than I anticipated. Also, simply knowing Jennifer is out there gathering vegetables, mindfully preparing them makes me want to follow in her suit! Some other life altering concepts I have learned from Jennifer: “How am I going to nourish myself today and incorporate movement?” Asking myself “Am I hungry” Thinking about the foods that bring me joy Mothering myself with food and remembering to bring water and a snack everywhere I go Every session is filled with a new reframe or tool to move me towards health in my relationship with food. Working with Jennifer has been the best gift to myself. I almost don’t want to say gift because it feels so necessary. I wish everyone could work with Jennifer so they could experience the joy of the mindful eating journey.

Grace, Knoxville

Jennifer is here to help shift our concept of eating and share her abundance of knowledge about new health and wellness. I attended her chocolate class and learned more than I thought I would. She shares her resources, invaluable recipes, and flavor alchemy. It’s worth every penny. Do yourself a favor and take the time to embellish in the passion she has to give. I promise you there is a gold nugget of information for you to share with your friends and family and most importantly, yourself. Dive into her bliss.

Katherine, Kirkwood