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30-Day Mindful Eating Challenge + four virtual 20-minute Accountability Appointments {$210 value}

It's time to UN-diet and revise + recalibrate your relationship with food!

You're one smart cookie for saving $30 with this supportive package! 

What you'll experience in the 30-Day Challenge:

  • 1.5 hours of mindful video teaching
  • Practice 15 foundational mindful skills
  • Connect to {IBW} to end food + body obsession
  • Weekly mindful eating exercises & journal handouts

Remember, I'm giving you a BONUS (you have 60-days to do this 30-Day Challenge, so you're basically getting 2-for-1)!

And since you know you'll benefit from us connecting each week to keep you on track, I'll serve as your accountability partner for BIG SUCCESS!  

**I recommend having a regular day/time each week for our Challenge Check ins OR you can spread them out every other week over the 60-Days if you prefer, that's up to you.

I'm already making a place in our Challenge Hall of Fame with YOUR name on it!  

See ya in the Challenge!  Jennifer 

Challenge Success Story:

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! For the first time in my adult life, I am feeling there is hope for me to overcome my unhealthy relationship with food. I think I will need to repeat this challenge throughout the year to finally overcome my disordered eating patterns and feel happy and spiritually free around food.”


“Life is way too short to be at war with food and your body! Working with Jennifer during the Challenge has changed my relationship with food! I nourish my body and listen to what I truly need and want instead of grabbing for whatever is there or my usual go to food. I don't judge my food choices or have to eat everything on my plate anymore. I eat when I know I need to nourish my body when I'm hungry and eat what I want in moderation. This is a BIG change. Food is my friend, not my enemy. I don't eat perfect mindfully; that's ok. I'm continuing to learn. Mindful eating skills are gifts that keep on giving and teaching as I go along this wonderful journey! If I could sum up mindful eating in one word, it would be total FOOD FREEDOM! ”