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If you haven't worked with a registered dietitian nutritionist before or have a complicated relationship with food and dieting, you would benefit from having a private nutrition appointment with Jennifer.

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  •  75 minutes with the nutrition & food expert, an RDN
  •  Ask your personal health and wellness questions 
  •  Personalized Health Plan to refer back to during our health journey

Your Initial Consultation is the perfect time to ask personal health and wellness-related questions and take notes as we go into more depth about your health (past/present), lifestyle, wellness goals, and metabolism that will enhance your Mindful Eating Challenge experience.

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Challenge Success Stories:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! For the first time in my adult life, I am feeling there is hope for me to overcome my unhealthy relationship with food. I think I will need to repeat this challenge throughout the year to finally overcome my disordered eating patterns and feel happy and spiritually free around food.


This challenge is a wonderful investment in yourself! Eating is something we all do everyday, yet if you're anything like me, you may not have been present and may not have had a clue as to why or what you were even eating. Surrounded by limitless distractions, most of us eat without acknowledging the experience and later wonder why we feel bad or why we are yet again hungry. Jennifer has drilled down the practice of mindfulness and applied it to eating. With her abundant knowledge and deeply thoughtful way, she gives you the tools to build a healthy relationship with food. What could be more important? Thank you, Jennifer, for a wonderful challenge and an even greater journey!!


First of all, thank you so much to Jennifer for her heart and passion behind creating this 30-Day Mindful Eating Challenge. She truly is a lovely woman who cares about reaching others to help them figure out their eating patterns. It’s one thing to say, we are going to cut out sugar, eat less fat and junk food, etc. because most of us know what is good for our bodies and what isn’t. The difference with this program is it’s not about WHAT you eat, rather HOW you eat it, which many of us do not think about or like me, are too busy to ever focus on. I loved and hated this 30 days LOL. It caused me to think carefully about what I was doing to my body. I became consciously aware of my body NEEDING proper nutrition and hydration. I loved the challenge where I definitely HAD to slow down! Also, changing certain eating behaviors instead of doing 10 other things was huge for me. I took time to enjoy my meals rather than scarf them. I’m grateful for the challenge and self-care that I have done. In addition, I lost 2 lbs without thinking about it. Blessings and may everyone else who takes on this 30-days benefit as much as I did!


Learning to be mindful and pay attention to my personal food cues during this 30-Day Challenge has made me care about what I put in my body. Before it was all about ease and taste. Now it's about listening to what my body really wants and NEEDS. I actually dropped 7 pounds in 2 weeks (Jennifer stresses NOT to use this as a weight loss program, this is a bonus side effect of tuning into her concepts of the Intelligent Belly Wisdom™ and cracking my Unique Food Code™). I've just been thinking about how I eat a lot and have practiced and integrated every mindful eating challenge. It's been a total food GAME CHANGER for me so I bought one for my mom as a Christmas gift since she heard about the positive changes with my eating behaviors. After doing the challenge, now she wants to buy the challenge as a gift for my dad too!


Diets fail because they take away our favorite foods! This challenge made me cognizant of what is going on before I eat. I have to clear my mind, focus in on the food, intentionally eat mindfully, and concentrate on incorporating my personal mindful eating guidelines. I’m more appreciative for what my body goes through each day and having more gratitude for the food I eat and it’s role in my health, energy, and vitality!!!


Now I feel energetic and less stuffed after meals! This 30-Day Challenge has completely changed the way I eat and approach meals. For the first time in ages, I sit down at a table with no distractions. I focus entirely on my meal, savoring even the simplest food as if I was eating in a fancy restaurant. I don't feel obliged to finish what's on my plate anymore. I stop eating when my stomach tells me it's full (hello Intelligent Belly Wisdom) and pack up any leftovers for my next meal. By following the hunger cue learned in the Challenge, I feel more energetic and less stuffed after meals! I feel like I recovered the full pleasure of eating, even for simple foods!


I have struggled with sugar cravings for most of my life, eating as an antidote to stress or boredom, whether or not I’m hungry, often eating until the point of being overly full (mostly in restaurants or social situations). The Challenge skills helped me understand my eating behavior drivers and stop them, while still enjoying food more than ever! The mindful principles I adopted have enabled to eat more healthfully and truly enjoy food on another level. PS: I did the challenge to develop a healthier relationship to food rather than lose weight but I did notice my clothes getting a lot bigger. Wow, a big shift is I learned how to pay attention to my body and (most of the time) eat when I’m hungry, and stop before I’m stuffed. Double wow!!


Just imagine what your challenge testimony will say and how it will inspire others to repair their relationship with food. Don't wait let's get started TODAY!


Life is way too short to be at war with food and your body. Working with Jennifer during the Challenge has changed my relationship with food! I nourish my body and listen to what I truly need and want instead of grabbing for whatever is there or my usual go to food. I don't judge my food choices or have to eat everything on my plate anymore. I eat when I know I need to nourish my body when I'm hungry and eat what I want in moderation. This is a BIG change. Food is my friend, not my enemy. I don't eat perfect mindfully; that's ok. I'm continuing to learn. Mindful eating skills are gifts that keep on giving and teaching as I go along this wonderful journey! If I could sum up mindful eating in one word, it would be total FOOD FREEDOM!


The best gift I've given myself is Jennifer's 30-Day Challenge because I finally, finally have a sense of peace around food. I can have tempting treats in my house without them calling my name. What a miracle! I didn't think this could be possible after struggling on/off diets for forty years (ever since I was eight). It's hard for me to realize that was my life for so long but I'm happy to feel like I'm getting on the other side of the food struggle now. I wasn't really sure what mindfulness was and didn't think I was born with "intuitive wisdom". But the challenges started to help me pinpoint habits that I created from the anxiety and emotional triggers that plagued me. I've learn so much about myself and food during this Challenge!