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Repair your relationship with food.  


1:1 Counseling

I don't want to be you nutrition or mindful eating guru.  I want YOU to be your own guru and connect to your internal resource I've coined as your "Intelligent Belly Wisdom™" {IBW} so you can crack your Unique Food Code™!  

After dieting for more than 20 years before I started my mindful eating journey in 2016, I have an extruciating amount of food wisdom to share with you!  If you're struggling, it's time to learn how to tap into your body for guidance.  I can't wait to jumpstart your journey!


30-Day Mindful Eating Challenge

Imagine ending the battle, struggle, fight, difficulty, conflict pain, anxiety, tension, pressure, and suffering with food and your body in just 30 days.  Without restrictive diets, body shame, or tormented relationship with the scale!

This is my signature program and I believe in the wisdom and tips in here so much that I'm giving you an extra 60-days to do it.  That way you can repeat it two times or go slow and take your time. Either way it's a win.... 


30-Day Mindful Eating Challenge

30-Day Challenge Check-Ins (20 min)

Personalize your 30-Day Challenge experience with 20-minute virtual accountability appointments with Jennifer.

With her guidance, she will provide professional feedback on your challenge experience from a 30,000 ft nutrition expert view.  

If you've joined online programs only to fizzle out by week two, safeguard your success with this extra layer of support for your success!

You will have the option to add on more virtual Challenge Check-In's if they feel supportive to you!


20-minute Challenge Check-In

I have struggled with sugar cravings for most of my life...

Eating as an antidote to stress or boredom, whether or not I'm hungry, often eating until the point of being overfull (mostly in restaurants or social situations). The Challenge skills helped me understand my eating behavior drivers and stop them, while still enjoying food more than ever!  The mindful principles I adopted have enabled me to eat more healthfully and truly enjoy food on another level.  PS:  I did this challenge to develop a healthier relationship to food rather than to lose weight, but I did notice my clothes getting a lot bigger.  Wow, a big shift is I learned how to pay attention to my body and (most of the time) eat when I’m hungry, and stop before I am stuffed. Double wow! 


Now I feel energetic and less stuffed after meals.

This 30-Day Challenge has completely changed the way I eat and approach meals.  For the first time in ages, I sit down at a table with no distractions. I focus entirely on my meal, savoring even the simplest food as if I was eating in a fancy restaurant.  I don't feel obliged to finish what's on my plate anymore.  I stop eating when my stomach tells me it's full (hello Intelligent Belly Wisdom) and pack up any leftovers for my next meal.  By following the hunger cue learned in the Challenge, I feel more energetic and less stuffed after meals!  I feel like I recovered the full pleasure of eating, even for simple foods!


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